How Can Intelligent Optimization Increase Efficiency? - AMCS

August 19, 2020

AMCS offers a powerful, state-of-the-art optimization solution that contributes to high levels of efficiency and increased productivity. This comprehensive solution handles all types of waste like commercial, domestic, roll-off, skips, hazardous and more. It reaches beyond route optimization, supporting the operational and post-operational business process with automated route slotting and time slotting (price optimization), resource management, sub-contractor co-planning, self-billing and much more. With the AMCS solution, customers profit from significant benefits including: cost reductions and improved customer service levels, reductions in CO2 emissions, mileage and driving time, reduction in number of vehicles, and less time spent on planning and administration . Please tune in as Waste Today speaks to Lasse to discover more about AMCS Intelligent Optimization, the challenges customers face, the substantial operational benefits and the future of the technology. Speaker: Lasse Jiborn, Commercial Director of Intelligent Optimization, AMCS Group